The Mission of a company is identified in the content of the activity, from the creative stage that actual production to marketing of
Well our content inevitably passes through a major research and development path that it performs perfectly in our products, products
with high technology quotient, creativity and innovation condensates are unique in their kind.
From collaborations with leading research institutes such as the MATECH in Padua, the CNR of Naples and the University of Perugia and private companies new opportunities were dictated by the study of new materials. It is on these opportunities that focuses our mission, the constant search for innovation to adapt to
new market challenges.
We introduce our company, which we can define an integrated production.
We operate in the field of personal guards dedicated to risky or activities that endanger the life of the operator through a search path started well before the founding of the company itself.
The company specializes in the design and manufacture of protective clothing and equipment for civilian and military activities.
The company has a structure of over 1,000 sqm located in Colombella (Perugia) that welcomes stylistic and technical Office, R &D office, warehouse and workshop materials for cutting and sampling, for the rest of the productions uses a façon.


We are therefore able to ensure: high tech, high capacity, high quality of products and logistics services. Ballistic production/ant knife is made with robotized equipment that elevate the most production capacity.
We have a wide range of high-tech products, such as:

- Full ballistic: bullet proof vest/anti knife and bullet proof trousers. The soft body armor studied by TSC represents a new constructive conception of life, that has no ne ne quilting seams to tighten the layers. A 360° coverage including the deltoid (novelty), shockproof to the latest generation, thermal comfort and accessories completely redesigned for maximum freedom of movement.
- Thermal camera products: made with our exclusive "LTX warm" membrane produced by new generation capable of offering high performance with reduced weight and thickness.
- LIFE SAVING BAG: device capable, in the event of a fire, to avoid the risks of this event, i.e. Anoxia and eye irritation to get away quickly without panic.
- 4 floating clothings, PFD: made with the membrane "LTXfloat" able hold and stabilize within the 97% of air allowing with minimum thickness of wearer float without anyother device.

All products supplied are patented and certified according to UNI EN ISO.