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We managed to catch the air and make it technically stable creating a kind of buffer between our skin and the outside.

LTX can be defined as a tool to position and retain the air of a fabric , the air is in fact the best insulating material existing in nature and the lightest in absolute.

LTX allows then to a tissue to be thermally insulated with one of the highest values ​​of thermal resistance without increasing the weight perceptually ; LTX also carries out a windproof, waterproof and breathable is , if you micro properly and, where appropriate , when used in the appropriate quantities, allows objects to which it is laminated from sinking .

It ' important to note that all the membranes used in the textile trade , even the most named and publicized , they offer very little or no thermal resistance .

LTX instead prince is in this function thanks precisely retaining air in the characteristics microcells , so a light fabric coupled to a thermal LTX can exercise greater than or equal to heavy heads of protein or synthetic fiber resulting garments are lighter, more comfortable and more efficient.

Today LTX allows the creation of garments for extreme use , extremely warm , waterproof and lightweight , of course, the user can move around more easily , more comfortable without wasting energy for less weight to carry.

LTX to 0.5 mm thick, has an average value of thermal resistance equal to 0.055 m2K/W-RCT that corresponds in conversion to 0,355 CLO ( 1 CLO = 0.155 RCT- m2K / W) .

It is therefore clear that LTX , to a thickness of 0.5 mm , has a thermal resistance of at heavy clothing such as a jacket, a pair of pajamas with long sleeves, a flannel shirt and so on. , Also the action of insulation and insulating LTX increases in exponentially when the temperature drops until you get to the thermal conditions of - 25 °.
The thermal resistance of a material fact follows directly from the combination of transfer of radiant heat, conductive and convective , and its value depends on the contribution of each to the total heat transfer .

In order to understand the high value of LTX in terms of thermal resistance , simply compare it to other materials that are advertised just for this property .

For example you can make a comparison with the 3M Thinsulate Art C/40 which has a thickness of 4 mm having RCT = 0.12 equal to the value CLO 0,775 .

Since the heat loss is conditioned by the thickness of the insulation and as the CLO are added together , adding the values ​​of the individual components of the CLO approximates the total system :
(source: 3M Thinsulate Insulation - Physics of Insulating :
http . / / ) .
Accordingly to obtain the same thermal resistance of C/40 are needed only 3 layers of LTX for a total thickness of 1.5 mm compared to 4 mm of Thinsulate/C40.

Furthermore , given that LTX is a cushion of air and this being the best thermal insulation , is able to insulate the body while maintaining the temperature constant , protecting it from harsh temperatures and excess external heat , is the only product that has as feature only when necessary to keep warm .

Thickness mm Int . 0.5
Density kg Int . / Mc 32
Weight Int gr. / Sqm 16
Thermal conductivity l EN 12667 W / m K 0.04 -
Coefficient of resistance to water vapor diffusion UNI EN 12086 m > 2000
Water absorption ( after 24 hours) ASTMD570 0.80 %
Self-extinguishing Int mm / min. < 100
Buoyancy UNI EN 12402 - N 5,70 N sqm (after 24H in water 5,69 N sqm)
Working temperature -20 ° C +92 Int
Composition Polyethylene ( PE) Int 99 %
Additives Int 1 %

The technical data given in the table above have been formulated on the basis of technical analysis and testing carried out within the company and relate only to the material designated and may not be valid if used with other products. Users assume all responsibility in connection with the application or use of the information above , which should satisfy the quality and other properties.
LTX multipourpuse movie

The result of technological developments, LTX material is a new concept designed to advanced studies on the thermal insulation on the body temperature and thermoregulation smart.

LTX is a revolutionary lightweight insulating material with a cellular structure composed by more than 97% of air and insulation that has skills to all types of energy transfer with unprecedented prospects in the possibility of conferring thermal features , and not only to clothing and the entire textile industry.

LTX is able to guarantee exceptional performance thanks to its main physical characteristics : it is the only existing product with all properties already listed that has a thickness so thin, easy to apply, easy to handle and with an absolutely competitive .

The weight of 1 sqm. Lightex of 0.5 mm thick . is only 16 gr.
LTX is floating , 250 gr. material can keep afloat 130 kg . body mass index.
LTX is an insulating material that poses a barrier to cold down to -25 ° C.
The melting point of LTX is above 90 ° C.
LTX can be sewn and / or laminated alone or layered .
LTX is waterproof.
LTX is stop wind .
LTX is soft and breathable.
The thermal insulation of LTX is 0.4 K.
LTX is harmless to health, anti-allergic and heat stable up to 90 ° C.
LTX is recyclable.
LTX is extremely lightweight and this is due to its density which is 0.025 gr. per cm ³ .
LTX is 40 times lighter than water because it is made ​​up for 97.5 % air .
LTX has some invaluable resources such as water resistance, wind-proof , stain-resistant they are. only some of the many carriers of protection and security .
LTX is an exceptional insulator with a value of 0.4 K.
A layer of LTX thickness of 0.5 mm . has a capacity of heat maintenance of 0,355 CLO .
LTX has a value of buoyancy of 5,70 N per sqm.
LTX has an excellent cost / benefit ratio .

It looks like:

LTX occurs in a neutral color , but it is possible , depending on the needs to produce it in different colors .